Private Dance Lessons

Private Lessons are the quickest and most effective way to learn how to dance!

One on one instruction is beneficial for all dancers.  

Whether you are just starting off, or you have danced for many years, private lessons are the best way to achieve your goals.  Private lessons allow you to learn at your own pace, plus have the flexibility to book your lessons at times that are convenient for you!  

Our instructors are experienced in teaching all levels, all abilities, all ages, and all styles of dance.  Please contact us for your dance lessons, and let us help you become a confident, poised dancer!

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • You can learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. In group classes, the instructor must adjust the pace to the majority of the class, which may be too fast or slow for you. The pace of a private lesson is customized for you!
  • You have full attention from the instructor, therefore your specific needs will be worked on the entire time.
  • You can work on any dance or combination of dances that you prefer!
  • If the group class does not fit into your schedule, private lessons can be booked at a time that is convenient for you.
  • Private lessons are a great way to refine steps or technique that are taught in group classes.
  • If your wedding is coming up, you may want to learn a special dance to a specific song. Guests of a wedding may want to learn how to dance as well!
  • You want to become a competitive dancer.

Please click the button below to get your free 30 minute dance lesson. We can discuss your goals, and then come up with a plan that is right for you!​

a ballroom instructor teaching his student
3 people doing a dance lessons
2 adults learning ballroom dancing